Here we are in November.  As I write there is the first real nip in the air and our heating clicked in for a bit this morning, which means the temperature must have dropped last night. I know in previous autumns we would have had the heating on by now.  

It made me think that Mother Nature is on the side of the people by keeping things milder for longer. The powers that be might be able to get all doom and gloom about heating costs etc, but they can’t control the weather! In a similar way to Spring 2020 when we were stuck in our homes, we were blessed with all that glorious weather. Both times felt like a reassuring hug from a greater force.

And maybe this is a little nudge for us to turn our attention away from all the noise at the moment and remember that we always get to choose what to focus our attention on.   How we feel on the inside is down to us.  We can work on the internal factors, which help us to meet whatever comes at us in a different way.  We are our own source of power, everything we need is already on the inside.  

In the past this felt like something else to ‘do’ to achieve or get to.  Though I’ve realised it is a process of letting go.  We don’t have to ‘do’ anything (which a certain part of my mind can’t deal with!  It’s so wrapped up in the doing!)    BEING is more about releasing all of the tumbleweed we have collected along the way, coming back home to ourselves, who we really are.


 Nature is always a great teacher and as I’ve been out and about enjoying the beautiful autumnal colours, I am always reminded of how easily the leaves let go of their leaves and how it is not always so easy for me to let go of things.  Releasing something familiar whether it is perceived as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ for me can be a struggle.

This holding on is made worse once my mind gets involved, going round and round, trying to make a decision. What I have come to realise is that the mind alone cannot decide, it is crucial to connect the mind and body together in order to hear our true wisdom.

So often it is the mind causing the problem, so it cannot resolve things alone.  The body has to used to show the mind, to help it remember.

I have a note stuck by my desk that says MOVE.  Because sometimes even when I feel my body stiff I don’t always respond.  My mind will override the sensations in the body.

All that tension makes me feel stuck and trapped and will eventually lead me into my tendency to get overwhelmed.  I have learnt over the last 10 years that it is essential for my mental wellbeing for me to move my body in lots of different ways and yet I still forget sometimes, because that is the wiring of the mind.

The simplest way for me to move when there isn’t much time is to pop on a piece of music and shake and move my body with the intention of letting what ever needs to go fall away.  Moving my arms and legs around so that I take up space and enjoy a sense of freedom in my body and how I am moving, this will create the same feeling in my mind.  The music can be fast or slow, it doesn’t matter what it looks like, I’m all about what feels good.

So if you are feeling in anyway stuck or like you are holding on to anything physically, emotionally or mentally, my invitation to you is to move your body in the simplest way you can.

Give it a go and see how it feels.

Perhaps the next time you see a leaf falling from a tree you can take breath and just imagine releasing something that you are ready to let go of.    It might be something big or small, that choice is up to you, you, you will know what you need most right now.

Setting that intention with each breath and each leaf that falls to release just a little bit more in anyway that you can.  Being open to the feeling of FREEDOM available when you let go.

Letting go is a practise.  It isn’t something we do once, life is a constant practise of letting go.


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