Bonnie’s Birth Story

Wonderful to hear how hypnobirthing helped Zara go from feeling terrified of birth when she first found out she was pregnant to having the most amazing and empowering moment of her life when Bonnie was born.

Relaxed, smiling and full of confidence in myself and my body…

When I found out I was pregnant, within a week I was finding something that would help me to give birth at home, without feeling scared, in pain or out of control. I knew that giving birth was the most natural part of being a women, but giving birth absolutely terrified me!

We had our classes at Home and we enjoyed every session, learning new techniques and having the time to ask questions. The ‘homework’ helped me to relax after busy days at work, and during doubtful times, but also helped me to gain confidence in my body and mind to change my mindset, to give my baby the best birth on the day. My partner found the classes particularly helpful as it gave him the confidence to question midwives and confidently gave him the crucial role of supporting me the best he could with the skills that he learnt.

We planned to have a homebirth in the water, my surges started at 2am Wednesday, 2 every 10 minutes and I was pottering around the house, watching comedy, eating and drinking and sitting on my birthing ball. By 9pm the surges were 4 every 10minutes and more ‘intense’ and felt pressure in my lower back (back to back baby)! When examined I was 2cm dilated, so the midwife made a warm bath for me and left to go back to the office, so I could relax in the bath with Will (my partner) supporting me and rubbing the bottom of my back. By Midnight the midwife (Sally) and the student midwife came back and I was examined, 5cm dilated and I was ready to go in the birthing pool in my living room (yay)! We listened to my playlist of relaxing music and hypnobirthing tracks mixed in, I had candles lit and burners with Sandalwood fragrance (used this during the classes and it reminds me of a relaxing place in Australia). I used the breathing techniques, relaxed and smiled after each surge, we even had a lot of giggles between the four of us and talking about the local music that I had on my playlist. I kept my sense of humour between each surge and had full confidence in myself and body. I loved being in the pool, I could stretch out, change positions comfortably and relax.

We had a minor problem, I couldn’t wee for a few hours! I had the confidence to question and delay with the midwife, but after 4 hours, I had to come out of the pool to try to wee. I was 10cm dilated by then, with baby still back to back, with the thought of going up my stairs for a wee (I refused catheter firstly) I was offered gas and air by Will and I took a few puffs and paced up my stairs with stamina! I still couldn’t wee, so I had to have a catheter inserted in the end, which I’m so grateful for as within a minute I was ready to push! So I got back in the pool and 20 minutes of intense downward feeling (not painful at all) and following my body to push and then baby turning to back to belly, I gave birth to our beautiful girl called Bonnie, weighing 7ib 5oz at 05:39 on the Thursday. Both Will and I found out we had baby Girl as soon as she was in my arms, magical moment!!. I naturally delivered our placenta on the second surge in the pool, and our placenta is now buried in the garden with a rose bush for Bonnie. I can’t wait to show her the rose and tell her, her birth story when she’s old enough to understand.

My pregnancy and Bonnie’s birthday would have been a lot different if we didn’t do hypnobirthing, I cannot recommend Lisa enough to anyone who is expecting a new bundle of joy. I would do it all over again tomorrow, the most amazing and empowering moment in my life!