Devon’s Birth Story

I am continually blown away by how hypnobirthing helps women when their birth plans change due to factors outside of their control.  The whole aim of the Wise Hippo Birthing Programme is to have a calm and relaxed experience however birth chooses to unfold.  Hannah’s positive c-section is a great example of this.

Starting my journey into Motherhood feeling strong and empowered….

I woke up on the 8th March and told Michael not to get too excited yet but that I felt quite different like baby had definitely moved …this was after a few days of him badgering me about eating spicy food as 4 days post EDD was killing him. The day went as normal spent some time with my grandma and had a long walk. Went to bed and slept amazingly for the first time in weeks.

9th March and after my amazing sleep I woke and went to the toilet….this was different!!!!! It was my waters going and unfortunately there was clearly what appeared to be meconium there too. I instantly knew my Birth Centre plans could be out of the window….and rang the labour ward.

I was admitted at 10am and things started to progress well with the help of my Hypnobirthing skills…keeping “calm and relaxed” throughout…though constantly attached to the monitors I was able to move about the room. I dilated slowly but steadily and surges came frequently but still no medication needed. 8cms came and I was amazed through using my breathing techniques I’d felt no panic even though the circumstances had changed so much.

I was continually monitored but my cervix just wasn’t budging and after another number of hours with incredibly intense surges (with a little assistance from the gas and air) I was told theatre may soon be my only option….I had now been in labour about 18 hours in total.

At 5.50am our beautiful Devon Isla came into the world via C Section…..Daddy and Hypnobirthing meant that my fear of surgery was completely forgotten and I could feel the incredible bond with my baby as soon as she was placed on my chest.

Don’t be scared of the changes that can happen during labour. My strength from being a Hypnobirthing mum means that I have started my journey into motherhood feeling strong and empowered. We as women have an inner strength that enables us to cope.