Edward’s Birth Story

“Such a great example of how hypnobirthing enables a woman to work with the thoughts that can become worries, using the techniques to ‘reframe’ and move through the birth experience.”

Our baby boy arrived safely at home yesterday. After several false starts and 2 sleepless nights of surges (which were frustrating but great practice) I dropped our daughter at nursery and then relaxed at home knitting and chatting with Mum who had arrived at 7am.

Surges started up again at 10.30am, I popped the Tens machine on, used Waves of relaxation breathing and the Sea of Serenity track seemed just right. Then my husband came home and made sure we were all fed. The midwives arrived just after 1pm just as things got quick very quickly! I found all the hypnobirthing tracks so helpful and used the breathing techniques to stay calm.

I had thought about going to the birthing centre after the emergency transfer last time, but once the midwives had arrived and my waters broke (2 steps away from the bathroom tiles, oops!) I wasn’t going anywhere! I did use gas and air along with the Tens and all the techniques I’d learned and found the surges manageable.

Once I reached transition the feelings got very intense and I focused on words like ‘Strength’ & ‘Power’ & ‘Opening’.

If I didn’t have our hypnobirthing practice to rely on I really don’t know what we’d have done!

So despite thinking deep down ‘I’m not sure if I can do this’ I hummed down an 8lb 5oz, back to back baby with no tearing. We’re thrilled and I’m so glad we were at home- the difference in the way I feel compared to last time when I had epidural and forceps after a prolonged labour, is remarkable. 

I think hypnobirthing should be prescribed by the NHS, how do women prepare and then cope otherwise?!