Felix’s Birth Story

“No one can know exactly how a birth will play out until it is actually happening.  I love to hear how the women I teach use their skills and knowledge to navigate any twists and turns to their birth plan.  This is the true value of taking a hypnobirthing course, enabling you to keep calm and relaxed in any situation.”

As somebody who has always had a slight phobia of pregnancy, quite a deep rooted fear of hospitals and hadn’t watched any kind of birth since my school days, I was pretty much dreading going into labour! After a friend recommended hypnobirthing, I read a book on it and found a philosophy that fitted nicely with my own. I was set on having a natural birth in a calm and peaceful setting. I booked private classes with Lisa as I felt I needed some one-to-one guidance and I am so thankful I found her!

When my waters broke I felt incredibly calm, confident and happy. The birth didn’t quite go the way I wanted as my baby didn’t seem to want to come out and because it was taking a long time and the surges started easing off. I was transferred from the midwife-led centre to hospital, but this was when the hypnobirthing techniques really counted. I used the breathing and visualisation techniques to stay on track and in control, and I eventually gave birth to a healthy baby boy naturally. 

I honestly believe hypnobirthing techniques kept me out of theatre. The programme (and Lisa specifically) gave me the confidence and determination I needed on the day which in turn meant my labour was an overwhelmingly positive, natural and beautiful experience, despite not going completely to plan.

Lisa’s classes helped to make my pregnancy enjoyable and exciting rather than a source of anxiety, and I approached childbirth as a natural, important and beautiful part of a woman’s life and indeed a rite of passage. I really cannot recommend Lisa’s hypnobirthing classes highly enough.