Gracie’s Birth Story

“I love how this story show the trust and confidence that hypnobirthing gave Sam to move through the slow/stop start of early labour through a 5 hour active labour, pretty quick for a first time Mum!  The transition moment is something we learn about in class and a very normal part of the birthing experience. Understandably women are always relived when they don’t need stiches; the breathing and control of the muscles that you learn as part of hypnobirthing really help to protect the perineum from injury, another bonus of hypnobirthing! ”

Born 4:15 am with a splash in midwife lead unit water birth with gas and air.  No complications and discharged by 10 am same day! I finished work on Thursday. The day before my due date.

Did a few emails from home at night and sent my last one at 9:30pm. Put my out of office on and… stood up and contractions started! 

I was having short surges off and on throughout the night, using my breathing and feeling comfortable and relaxed. Things had eased off by the morning and I happened to have a midwife appointment that morning anyway.  When the midwife checked I was already 3cm dilated. 

Things slowed down during the day and I went in for a check at about 6 pm and was sent home. Things started to progress in the evening and so we went in again at 11pm.  The midwife confirmed I was in active labour once we were in the birth centre and by midnight I was in the birthing pool.

I managed with my breathing and the support of my husband Danny and a bit of gas and air.  During transition I had a moment of “I can’t do this” and then at 3pm I felt her start to move down through my body. 

I never had to push forcefully, she just came down naturally and head popped out, then I had to push twice gently for her body and that was it. 

She came out crying and Danny cut the cord. 

I didn’t need any stiches, not even a scratch down though obviously feels a bit sore/bruised, really amazing when you think of some of the things you hear.

I am so pleased I did hypnobirthing and worked so hard at it. Also my yoga, breathing practice and perineal massage and aniball! 

I can’t say it was pain free, though I know that is never the goal.  The sensations I felt were intense at times, but I never panicked and had such confidence in my body and baby knowing what to do, so I was able to breathe and let it happen. 

She’s a gorgeous little thing and all going well so far. Apart from lack of sleep which is expected 

Thanks so much I will be recommending you to everyone and anyone pregnant!!