Otto’s Birth Story

I think Lucy and James are amazing. They handled some really challenging appointments with consultants in the week before Otto’s birth by planned c-section.  Lucy had planned a pool birth in the birth centre. But after going 2 weeks past her EDD and still no signs of labour at all she chose a planned c-section over an induction.  I love how hypnobirthing helps couples to handle speaking with care providers with confidence.

Confidence to manage consultation to negotiate ‘The Right Birth on the Day’

This gorgeous, wonderful little chunk arrived safely via c-section at 42 weeks. Otto Anderson weighed a whopping 9lb 6oz  for my 5ft petite frame, and melted our hearts immediately.

We successfully negotiated our c-section, over induction, 2 days before his birth using the skills and knowledge gained from Lisa and our hypnobirthing course. I am delighted with our birth choice, it was the right one on the day for us, and we will forever be grateful to Lisa Shefchick​​ for her additional time in the final week of my pregnancy and her confidence in us to manage difficult consultations with our hypnobirthing knowledge.

On the day I used many hypnobirthing techniques to get me through the 10 hour wait – relax with nature relaxed me whilst the c-section affirmations framed my mindset. When entering the theatre I used 54321 breathing and kept this going through the spinal and operation. Interestingly my husband used the breathing too!!! Although our actual birth was so far away from our initial preferences it was calm, relaxed and meant our gorgeous boy arrived safely and is perfect.