Rex’s Birth Story

Read about how Suzy had the most “incredible, empowering day” when she calmly birthed her son at home in the birthpool, with the support of her birth partner/husband Paul – who was actually offered a Job by the midwives afterwards they were so impressed at how he supported Suzy.

A wonderful memory that I will always treasure…

This was my first pregnancy and the Wise Hippo Birthing Programme that Lisa taught us allowed me to have the calm, peaceful home water birth I’d planned. Not only did it equip me with the knowledge, confidence and skills to birth naturally, it empowered my husband Paul and helped him play an integral role in bringing our son into the world. I’m still using some of the techniques today. I found them invaluable in those exhausting early weeks adjusting to life as a mother.

My surges (contractions) started one friday evening. It was a few days before my ‘due’ date and initially I thought it was just more late pregnancy aches. I didn’t realise what they were until my husband commented they were 30 mins apart! Things became more frequent during the night. I was curled up on the sofa listening to my mp3s, drinking tea and thinking about what the next hours and days would bring. I called my midwife Saturday morning. She asked me a few questions and told me to call back when my surges were more regular. I spent Saturday morning with Paul getting excited about meeting our baby boy. Resting when I could, soaking in the bath and running over my birth affirmations…in between the grocery shopping arriving and electrician putting in a new light!??!!

Late Saturday afternoon I convinced my midwife to come out to assess me. When she arrived I was at 4 cms, she was amazed and commented how calm I was. She wasn’t expecting to, but she stayed with us. Paul inflated the birthing pool and continued to prepare our relaxing birth environment. I was getting tired by now but I got in the pool early evening and felt like a new woman! Refreshed, soothed, comfortable and ready to meet my baby!! The rest of the night was a bit of a dreamy blur. I had a couple of wobbles and Paul got me right back on track, helping me with my breathing and soothing strokes. The most incredible moment for me was when my son’s head was out and I knew that the next surge would bring him into the world! That moment seemed to last forever in, a really wonderful way. Paul and I were laughing (we can’t remember what about), the midwives were there, laughing with us. I felt happy, safe and protected in my little bubble (the birthing pool), balancing on the edge of being a mother.

Then our boy arrived. 1.50am Sunday morning. A healthy, relaxed, happy boy weighing just under 8lbs. No pain relief or interventions required. My son’s birth day was the most incredible, empowering, proud day of my life. My birth experience was an overwhelmingly positive and emotional one. A little happy tear has surfaced just writing this. It’s a wonderful memory that I will always treasure. Our story would have been a lot different without hypnobirthing.