Sonia’s Birth Story

“Nothing gives me greater joy that hearing a woman describe her birth experience as AMAZING! Hypnobirthing allows you to release any fears or worries about birth and gives you a range of techniques to focus you on during labour.  Helping to keep Mum, Baby and Daddy calm throughout”

I had an amazing birth which I strongly credit to having adopted the hypnobirthing techniques Lisa taught me. I was lucky enough to be able to go straight into the birthing centre room as per my birth plan and because I had made it clear that I was following the hypnobirthing philosophy the midwives respected this and their checks were minimal.

My husband and I were able to stay in our zone and the midwives remarked ‘this is how babies should be born’. The baby’s heartbeat remained calm and stable throughout and when she was born she didn’t cry at first. I had minimal stitches and just gas and air for an active labour lasting 10 hours and I have been amazed at how my body has recovered.

I have kept the images of my relaxing place which we used in the delivery room and I still use the lavender oil and listen to the instrumental soundtrack we used – I believe these have a calming effect on baby to this day. I cannot imagine giving birth without hypnobirthing!