An invitation to PAUSE and connect into CALM

As we approach the Winter Solstice, a celestial event marking the shortest day and longest night, there is an invitation to melt into the stillness and magic of this moment.

The term “solstice” originates from the Latin words Sol (The Sun) and Sistere (To make Stand), symbolising the Sun’s apparent stillness during this time. Join me in this sacred pause and take the opportunity to find tranquillity amidst the busy at this time of year.

Nature’s Stillness

As the natural world takes a moment of quiet reflection, how might you embrace the Winter Solstice as an opportunity to pause, breathe, and be still. There have been some beautiful colours in the sky the last few weeks and the silhouette of the trees has felt magical, inspiring a sense of calm.

Breathe and Be Still Exercise

To fully immerse yourself in this moment, try a simple yet powerful breathing exercise. Follow these steps:

    • Inhale deeply, allowing relaxation to wash over you.

    • Exhale slowly, counting down from “5…4…3…2…1.”

    • Repeat for a few minutes, letting each breath bring you into a state of stillness.

Notice any sensations that follow as you soften and melt into the moment.


The Power of Breath

Focusing on your breath isn’t just about relaxation; there are so many wellbeing benefits. By bringing attention to your breath, you:

      • Enter the present moment, fostering mindfulness.

      • Regulate your heart rate, promoting a sense of calm.

      • Fully oxygenate your body, revitalizing your energy.

      • Expel toxins, contributing to overall well-being.


Make this breath part of your routine

Make this breath exercise a part of your daily routine. Start your day with a moment of stillness and consider taking short breaks between tasks to reset and centre yourself. This practice is especially during the holiday season, offering a respite for patience and tranquillity amid festive activities.


Explore this invitation from the Winter Solstice as an opportunity to connect with nature, breathe deeply, and find stillness within. I I hope you enjoy this simple yet powerful exercise, bringing mindfulness and tranquillity to your everyday life. May the Winter Solstice illuminate your path to a peaceful and rejuvenated self.

If you are interesting in experiencing more CALM in your day to day like then check out my current offerings or send me a message, I would love to hear from you.

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