Firstly and before I answer this question…Congratulations on your pregnancy!

I’m guessing (as you are looking here) that after the initial excitement of finding out you are having a baby, the realisation that you have to give birth sometime soon has sunk in. I’m really glad you are researching hypnobirthing. If you are someone that likes to feel prepared and in control then you’ve come to the right place.

Hypnobirthing is a way of preparing you and your birth partner for the most positive birth experience possible. Birth, like any intense physical and emotional undertaking requires preparation. I think of it like training for a marathon (not that I’ve ever done that), but you wouldn’t run the marathon without training beforehand and birth is the same. It takes mental and physical preparation to give you the skills and strength needed and this is what hypnobirthing is all about.

The name hypnobirthing doesn’t do justice to what this really practical and logical approach to childbirth is all about. I can assure you that there is no clock swinging or being put “under my spell.” That is Hollywood hypnosis. The self-hypnosis that I teach is just about becoming deeply relaxed so that the chatter box part of our mind gets quiet, then through listening to specific guided relaxations you are able to reframe your beliefs and let go of any fears around birth. This changes the way you view birth and allows you to relax. This is super important as it allows the birth hormones to flow.

Hypnobirthing is a complete way to prepare for every type of birth. Whether you are planning to birth your baby at home, in water, at a birth centre, on the labour ward or by caesarean-section the hypnobirthing techniques can be used. It is not about a natural birth experience (though hypnobirthing definitely stack the odds in your favour.) Hypnobirthing is about achieving a positive and empowering birth experience in any type of birth situation.

If you like the sound of this read on…



Understanding how your body works during labour and what you need to do to support your own body gives you confidence to trust rather than fear labour and birth.

The self-hypnosis and breathing techniques teach you how to quickly achieve a deeply relaxed state. When you are calm and relaxed you boost endorphins and the birth hormone oxytocin so that birth can progress more easily.
When you relax during labour you release tension from the muscles of the uterus and increase the blood and oxygen supply to your baby. This allows the uterus to work much more effectively to open up the cervix. Meaning less time in labour and a more comfortable experience.
Increasing your knowledge about the choices available to you enables you to make informed decisions about what is right for you and baby. Feeling prepared helps you to feel more confident and this relaxes you even more.




CALM Birth Knowhow

CALM Birth Knowhow is a supported video based course. This means that you have access to videos where you do the learning at your own pace/a time that suits you. You can then refer back to the material as many times as you want/need to until baby arrives.

In addition to this and depending on the package you choose, you have monthly or bi weekly group zoom calls with me throughout your pregnancy. All packages include support and weekly Q&A's in a private Facebook group. You will get to know others preparing for birth in the same way as well flexibility to learn around your lifestyle with support from me with techniques and anything that comes up for you as you prepare for birth.

CALM Birth Knowhow is for both you AND your Birth Partner. Ideally you work through the content together. Your Birth Partner is person who will be there with you at the birth and it is therefore a good idea that he/she know exactly how to support you.

I suggest taking the course anytime from 22 weeks and ideally completing the content by 35 weeks. Starting early means you have more time to practice and enjoy the benefits of relaxing during your pregnancy. The group zoom calls continue up until your baby is here.

If you are further along than 35 weeks then please get in touch with me. I can still help.

You can check out the various CALM Birth Knowhow Packages below. If you have any questions then message me Clicking here.

Essential CALM Birth Knowhow

Essential Package Includes:

Access to 7 Hour Online Video Course in bite sized chunks to work through at a time that suits you

Workbook, handouts & MP3's to support technique & relaxation practise

Private Facebook group for support with learning

Weekly Q&A in the Facebook Group

Monthly group Zoom calls for guided relaxation & technique support*


*attend as many calls as you want throughout your pregnancy

Investment in your CALM Birth = £147.

Begin anytime from 22 weeks. Click here to sign up.

Super CALM Birth Knowhow

Super Package Includes:

Everything in the ESSENTIAL Package


Bi-weekly group zoom calls (Thursdays 7pm) relaxation & technique guidance and spotlight coaching to remove blocks


Investment in your Super CALM Birth = £247.

Begin anytime from 22 weeks. Click here to sign up.

Ultimate CALM Birth Knowhow

Ultimate Package Includes:

Everything in the SUPER Package


3 x 60 minute 1:1 Zoom sessions


Support via email/WhatsApp any special circumstances (overdue, induction, breech etc)

Investment in your Ultimate CALM Birth = £447.

Begin anytime from 22 weeks. Click here to sign up.


Everything you need to feel informed and prepared to birth and welcome your baby into the world. The hypnobirthing course that I teach is called The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme. This is the amazing birth skill set that you will learn:

• How to deeply relax. This takes some practice, which requires listening to one of the 7 MP3’s that accompany the course each night when you go to bed (nice homework)

• Birth partners will learn an amazing soothing massage to be used during labour to releases endorphins, the body’s built in pain relief system

• How to reframe beliefs around birth and release any fears, worries or concerns, creating a positive mind-set about your ability to achieve a positive experience

• Simple and effective breathing techniques for labour, to help you become an expert in relaxation, to ride those waves of contractions and to work with your muscles to birth your baby

• The importance of posture and daily movement to help get your baby into the best possible position for birth

• How to write your birth plan. Helping you to understand the choices you have and to consider what the right birth experience for you is

• How to deal with any curve balls, which pregnancy and birth can sometimes throw. It is all about being able to make informed decisions and apply the skills you learn in any type of birth situation


I love hypnobirthing for so many reasons. Firstly my own personal experience of using this way to prepare for the birth of my son, Sebastian. Leading up to his due date I felt so calm and ready to give birth, there was no fear at all and I have hypnobirthing to thank for that.

Giving birth was the most incredible experience of my life. It was intense and powerful, but my hypnobirthing techniques allowed me to get in tune with my body and trust the whole process. I surrendered to this power moving through my body and I did the most beautiful thing I have ever done in my life, grew a baby inside my body and birthed him with a strength and power that I didn’t realise I had until the day I went into labour. You can head over to the Birth Stories page to read my full birth story.

Hypnobirthing has literally changed my life. I had no idea on the day I gave birth that I would be teaching other women to have positive and empowering birth experiences of their own.

It is such an honour to be able to share this knowledge with so many other women and their birth partners. Birth in the world is changing because women are using their right to choose how they want to birth their babies. I think this is such an exciting time to give birth, we have so many options available to us and every woman who makes a choice and had a positive birth story to share is shaping the future of birth for women. I feel blessed to be part of this positive birth movement and I hope you want to be part of it too.


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