What an interesting and long process putting together this website has been, for me and the people that have been helping me to create the site.

It was November 2016 that I first embarked on this project.  I started off trying to come up with a ‘name’ for my new site and after a few months of going back and forth with the lovely Kim Aitken at The Copy Co I finally decided that I would go with my own name and called the site www.lisashefchick.co.uk.  Poor Kim must have been tearing her hair with me, but the initial work I did with her back then was so valuable and formed the foundations of this project.  I couldn’t have reached this decision without the work we did together.  Thank you Kim!  You taught me that I needed to drop a lot of out dated habits and ways of thinking about myself; basically I needed to get out of my own way and feel happy with who I am, what I have to offer and sharing that with the world.

This website was pushing some major buttons for me. Who would have thought putting a new website together was going to be like therapy?!

Next step was to find a design team, enter Jacob, Joshua and Billy, the next people whose patience I was about to test. These guys had some great ideas for how everything would work and seemed super confident in how straight forward it was going to be (they had obviously never worked with someone like me.) So off I went off to start writing the copy. Which is when the real trouble started…

I discovered that I didn’t really ‘know’ my voice, which is ironic for a girl who has always been called a chatterbox.  There was a whole lot of noise in my head that was drowning me out.  I was being really critical of myself and what I was writing.  It wasn’t as good as other copy I’d read, why could everyone else do it and I couldn’t? What was wrong with me? I felt like crying, I couldn’t do this and I wanted to curl up in a ball and hide.  It was bringing up all sorts of emotions and frustrations from all the things I had found difficult in the past, joining in with my own critical voice was those of anyone else that had ever been mean to me in the past.  I was in a state of panic. What I was going to do about this? Nothing….. for a good few months, I just ignored it hoping it would go away.

Then one day I had word with myself.  I reconnected with ‘why’ I had to do this.  I love my work as a homeopath and hypnobirthing instructor. I come to life when I am doing these things and see how it transforms others.  Was I really going to let some old outdated beliefs get in the way of helping people?  And didn’t I teach as part of my hypnobirthing classes about clearing old ways of thinking about childbirth, I needed to practice what I preached.  If scared women could use my techniques to give birth then I could write some words on a page.

So I started with something simple, I committed to writing a regular newsletter, the first one went out in May 2017. Something really important happened through the writing of these bi-weekly newsletters, I dropped the fear of what people would say or think about me, which is a fear I have had off and on my whole life.   In the words of a book that I started reading and never finished many years ago I ‘Felt the fear and did it anyway!’ And guess what, I survived no one threw eggs at me on the street or slated me on facebook.  In fact people liked it!  Thank you everyone who has read my newsletters and sent me comments and feedback about them, you don’t know how much this has helped me.  I continued with my newsletters, but was still not getting on with the website copy.

January 2018 my husband Martin and I decided we would get the downstairs flooring in our home replaced. Then I decided we need to renovate the whole downstairs, which includes the kitchen and bathroom.  That is one very disruptive way to avoid writing website copy!  But in actual fact I think this was also an important step in the process.

We have had to get rid of a lot of old rubbish from our house that we have lived in for 17 years.  Once I started doing this something really shifted, I was clearing space inside and out. I felt ready to write the copy, which only took a couple of weeks, but it couldn’t have happened without everything that went before. 19 months in total, is that a Guinness World Record?

Thank you to all of you who have been patient and helped me with this, which includes my friends and family.  I am not the same person who started this project in 2016 and I’m really looking forward to now using my site to spread the word about who I am and what I have to offer.  And I can honestly say that this doesn’t scare me at all anymore, I’m excited.