It is easy for me to look back on those early years of Motherhood in my mind and feel like I wasn’t doing a very good job. To feel guilty about the times when I lost it and just wanted to be somewhere else away from it all. How bloody exhausted I felt and the total disconnection to who the hell I was. I was just existing, not living, it felt hard and I never thought it would change, ever!


Our minds have a tendency to focus on the negative, this goes back to our cavewomen days as an attempt to keep us safe. The problem as our brains evolved over time is we now imagine and replay things in our mind that just make us stuck and can drag down our sense of wellbeing.


This is why I feel photographs printed out rather than stuck on a computer/phone are important. When I look at this photo a different version of events starts to play…


I see a woman who was doing her absolute best. I can see the love and care in her eyes and her happy and content baby. A woman who was navigating all the opinions coming at her and at the same time doing what she felt was right. I can see her strength and resilience. Her determination to eventually find a way to make motherhood work for her the woman who is a mother. It is easy to forget these things. Have you forgotten you are this woman too?


So if you are having a crap day and the Mum guilt is creeping in firstly I see you and all that you are doing and carrying.


I want you to take a few deep breaths and just put whatever you feel you can down just for a few moments. Connect back into your body and know that you are doing your best and your best is always enough.


If you are feeling like you have lost who you are as you navigate motherhood, if you know you need to do something to look after yourself yet at the same time it just feels impossible then contact me. I can help you with simple ways to start nurturing yourself or check out the events I have coming up – click here.



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