Florrie’s Birth Story

“This is a wonderful example of how a birth plan can change and yet at the same time birth can be calm and positive. This is the essence of all that I teach. There is always going to be an … Read More

Devon’s Birth Story

I am continually blown away by how hypnobirthing helps women when their birth plans change due to factors outside of their control.  The whole aim of the Wise Hippo Birthing Programme is to have a calm and relaxed experience however birth chooses to unfold.  Hannah’s positive c-section is a great example of this.… Read More

Otto’s Birth Story

I think Lucy and James are amazing. They handled some really challenging appointments with consultants in the week before Otto’s birth by planned c-section.  Lucy had planned a pool birth in the birth centre. But after going 2 weeks past her EDD and still no signs of labour at all she chose a planned c-section over an induction.  I love how hypnobirthing helps couples to handle speaking with care providers with confidence.… Read More