Cassius’ Birth Story

This is a magical birth story.  First time Mum, home birth.  Each time I read it I get emotional at the part where Esme’s amazing midwives arrived.  I love how calm Esme remained when she went into the Birth Centre … Read More

Lola’s Birth Story

I love the fact that Zara had “another perfect and empowering home birth!”  How wonderful to be able to share her birth stories with her daughters one day.  Going past your estimated due date can be a challenging time.  I … Read More

Bonnie’s Birth Story

Wonderful to hear how hypnobirthing helped Zara go from feeling terrified of birth when she first found out she was pregnant to having the most amazing and empowering moment of her life when Bonnie was born.… Read More

Rex’s Birth Story

Read about how Suzy had the most “incredible, empowering day” when she calmly birthed her son at home in the birthpool, with the support of her birth partner/husband Paul – who was actually offered a Job by the midwives afterwards they were so impressed at how he supported Suzy. … Read More