Gracie’s Birth Story

“I love how this story show the trust and confidence that hypnobirthing gave Sam to move through the slow/stop start of early labour through a 5 hour active labour, pretty quick for a first time Mum!  The transition moment is … Read More

Edward’s Birth Story

“Such a great example of how hypnobirthing enables a woman to work with the thoughts that can become worries, using the techniques to ‘reframe’ and move through the birth experience.” Our baby boy arrived safely at home yesterday. After several … Read More

Jacob’s Birth Story

“I have had the honour of sharing all the CALM Birth Knowhow with Beckie both times we has been preparing for birth.  Her first birth with her daughter was really smooth and pretty quick, arriving at the birth centre being … Read More

Florrie’s Birth Story

“This is a wonderful example of how a birth plan can change and yet at the same time birth can be calm and positive. This is the essence of all that I teach. There is always going to be an … Read More

Lara’s Birth Story

“I love the approach Charlotte took to her birth preparation. It is like preparing for the marathon and an exam Getting yourself physically and mentally prepared. Trusting you have all the knowhow and keeping yourself focused and in the zone. … Read More

Felix’s Birth Story

“No one can know exactly how a birth will play out until it is actually happening.  I love to hear how the women I teach use their skills and knowledge to navigate any twists and turns to their birth plan.  … Read More

Sonia’s Birth Story

“Nothing gives me greater joy that hearing a woman describe her birth experience as AMAZING! Hypnobirthing allows you to release any fears or worries about birth and gives you a range of techniques to focus you on during labour.  Helping … Read More

Georgiana’s Birth Story

“Some couples find they need to use the techniques they learn in class before baby even arrived.  This was true for Rachael and Steve. Hypnobirthing gives you the confidence to trust your body and your instincts as well as communicating … Read More

Alfie’s Birth Story

I love the complete turnaround Nicole had during her pregnancy, going from terrified to choosing to have a home pool birth.  If she had not done her research and found a way to process her fear then her birth story … Read More

Bodhi’s Birth Story

Bodhi’s Birth Story “Birth is a physically and mentally challenging event and you can see here how Laurie used her strength, determination and trust to get through.  This is what the hypnobirthing techniques give you, a point of focus to … Read More

Cassius’ Birth Story

This is a magical birth story.  First time Mum, home birth.  Each time I read it I get emotional at the part where Esme’s amazing midwives arrived.  I love how calm Esme remained when she went into the Birth Centre … Read More

Lola’s Birth Story

I love the fact that Zara had “another perfect and empowering home birth!”  How wonderful to be able to share her birth stories with her daughters one day.  Going past your estimated due date can be a challenging time.  I … Read More

Cora’s Birth Story

A beautiful home birth story.  I love how relaxed Chloe and David were in the early stages of labour, even going out for tapas!  You can read how they trusted what was going on and how this relaxation allowed everything … Read More

Devon’s Birth Story

I am continually blown away by how hypnobirthing helps women when their birth plans change due to factors outside of their control.  The whole aim of the Wise Hippo Birthing Programme is to have a calm and relaxed experience however birth chooses to unfold.  Hannah’s positive c-section is a great example of this.… Read More

Otto’s Birth Story

I think Lucy and James are amazing. They handled some really challenging appointments with consultants in the week before Otto’s birth by planned c-section.  Lucy had planned a pool birth in the birth centre. But after going 2 weeks past her EDD and still no signs of labour at all she chose a planned c-section over an induction.  I love how hypnobirthing helps couples to handle speaking with care providers with confidence.… Read More

Bonnie’s Birth Story

Wonderful to hear how hypnobirthing helped Zara go from feeling terrified of birth when she first found out she was pregnant to having the most amazing and empowering moment of her life when Bonnie was born.… Read More

Rex’s Birth Story

Read about how Suzy had the most “incredible, empowering day” when she calmly birthed her son at home in the birthpool, with the support of her birth partner/husband Paul – who was actually offered a Job by the midwives afterwards they were so impressed at how he supported Suzy. … Read More