Remember to choose you


The pull of the ‘to do’ in me is strong. It is the thing that causes my exhaustion, frustration and a whole load of other thoughts and emotions.

I feel it when I’m around my family and that makes me feel guilty.

I know I feel better when I have space to just ‘be’ but this still feels like a luxury or nice to have.

I know this isn’t the case but my addiction to ‘doing’ has been life long and is taking some effort to undo.

So the pile of books and files is calling to me, I have a lot of homeopathy prescriptions to sort out today.

But first….

I breathe. I make me a priority.

Calming mix in my diffuser.

Light a candle.

Roll out my mat.

I totally deserve half an hour to get myself in the best place for thinking and creative work.

Obviously my son is at school so I have a bit more space, but the temptation when not with our children is to use all of that time to get stuff done.

Take at least 15 mins just for you.

You have to CHOOSE to take the time otherwise something else will always come before it.




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