An invitation to tune into the season and explore the theme ‘Rooted in Self-Nurture’

As we navigate the first weeks of the New Year, at times I have felt the tension between the urge to ‘do’ and the need to ‘be.‘ New year, new you vibes are everywhere and it is can be a challenge to avoid getting caught up in it all.  We are only at the start of Winter, which began on December 22nd with the Winter Solstice, there is still a way to go until the seasons turn again with the Spring Equinox on March 20th.


Taking my lead from nature


Amongst these conflicting energies, I find solace in nature’s wisdom— embracing the potency of the energies that each season offers. In winter the majority of nature appears dormant, plants and trees have shed their foliage. The energy is drawn deep down in the root systems, a phase of resting and recalibration. 


Nature invites us to do the same,  to become quieter. Take time to review and reflect. What might want going forward? It is a time to slowly start to consider what that might look and feel like.  Allowing ourselves to explore what comes up with curiosity. This is not the time for striking out and taking huge actions. There is a gentleness and trust required physically and mentally during this time of being  ‘within.’ 


Are we able to lean in and trust that things will start to emerge and grow as the seasons shift and change throughout the year?


Monthly Theme: ‘Rooted in Self-Nurture’


To support myself in connecting to the energy of nature I’ve decided to work with a theme each month going forward.


As I have shared this time of year inspires me to draw in and connect to my foundations…my roots, just like the trees and their deep root systems that nourish, sustain and hold them steady.  I need this in place in order to grow and evolve throughout the other seasons.


Nurturing Vitality is all about being in a loving relationship with yourself, taking time to tune in and listen to the deep wisdom available to you when you bring the body and mind together, making choices and decisions from a place that feels true for you.  This frees up so much energy from obligations and that energy can be put to great use, becoming the fullest expression of who you are.  


It feels particularly apt at this time of year for me to become rooted in self-nurture, because it was this time 5 years ago that I made a pledge with myself to learn to love and nurture myself in some small way each and every day.  

It hasn’t always been easy or straightforward, though with small, consistent action I have lifted myself out of the depleted state that I had gotten into 5 years ago and even though I am getting older, in many ways I feel the best I have ever been.


Reflecting on Being Rooted in  Self-Nurture

Take a moment to ponder:

  • What does being rooted in self-nurture mean for you?
  • How can we feel rooted in the practices that nurture and support us?
  • How could it impact your daily well-being?

There’s no right or wrong answer.

For me being rooted in self-nurture is about feeling a sense of connection to myself and giving myself as much love and attention as I give to everyone else.  It is about noticing what my body is saying to me and responding to my needs, knowing that everyday is different and what I need and what is possible varies, choosing rest, nourishment, movement and connection in some way everyday, even if it is super small is always worth it and better than nothing at all.

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