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Maybe you have heard of Self-Care? Often thought of as a bit of journaling, a bubble bath or day to yourself to take the edge off the stress of daily life. Now don't get me wrong I love to do all of these things, though experience has taught me that in order to experience wellbeing on every level and create lasting change we have to go deeper through the layers, obstacles and challenges that prevent us choosing to nurture ourselves each and every day in some small way.


This is why I prefer to talk about SELF-NURTURE, which for me is a much deeper journey. Self-nurture is a path of personal growth and self-discovery. Gaining deep insight and understanding about yourself, creating strong foundations, pruning and cutting back what is no longer serving you. Allowing you to become solid in your root system, to develop a deep connection to the core of who you are and from this place and through continued self-nurture (because this is a lifelong practise) you get to continue to grow into the full potential and uniqueness that only you can offer to this world.


Self-Nurture is about creating the conditions to bloom into your fullness. Each and every living thing on this planet pulses with the life force, this is what I refer to as VITALITY. The intelligent energy and wisdom of nature that flows through the body and mind and it wants to be in a kind and loving relationship with you, me and life on earth, it wants the best for us all.


Nurturing Vitality is the bringing together of these two concepts, nurturing this energy/vitality through the practise of cultivating a deep relationship with the most important being in your life...YOU! Get this relationship healthy and there is a beautiful ripple effect on those around you and the whole world.


In order to nurture our own vitality we first have to notice how we are feeling and only then can we meet the needs of what we notice, this is the practise of self-nurture and it begins with getting our of the busy mind/head and into the wisdom of the body.


Learning to slow down and connect into our inner calm. Checking in with ourselves, day to day, moment to moment, tending and caring for our own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.


The challenge is the demands and pace of modern life, that cause us to continually get pulled outside of ourselves, activating the stress response and patterns of the mind, making it feel hard to slow down and notice how we need to take care of ourselves. There always seems to be something else to do or someone else to care for.


Self-nurture is the practise of weaving rest, nourishment, movement and connection into daily life, beginning in simple, small, achievable ways, exploring practical tools and techniques to find ways that work for you as well as developing a flexible approach that will allow you to make daily self-nurture happen regardless of what life throws at you.




A little bit about why I am so passionate about supporting

women to weave self-nurture into the fabric of their lives....



The early years of motherhood for me were a crash course in all the ways that I was not taking care of myself. I was amazing at giving everything I had to my child and totally neglecting me!


Even a good diet and exercise cannot balance chronic lack of sleep and a wired nervous system! I was stuck in survival mode and feeling lost. I didn’t have the energy to know what I really needed or ask for help.


I worried too much about what people thought and I said yes way to often when I really meant no.


I felt invisible and completely exhausted.


Where was the ME in in MY life?


When I reached burnout for the second time I finally got the message from my body.


I began to adapt and apply the skills and knowledge I had as a homeopath and hypnobirthing instructor and created Nurturing Vitality.


Self-nurture has been the healing balm that has restored my heart and brought me back to feeling like me.


We are here on this earth to become the fullest expression of who we are, to share and change things for the better. We can only do that when we first love and nurture ourselves.


If you are ready to step into a life of self-nurture then I am here to guide you.

Want to find out more?




There are different ways that I can can support you depending on your current needs.


Check out what I have on offer below or contact me. with any questions, I'm always happy to chat.


These sessions offer you the opportunity to:

Pause, slow down, take a breath and tune into you and what you need

Create space to retreat and come back to yourself to hear the wisdom of the nurturing voice inside

Experience the magic of moving energy around the body to transform stuck thoughts, feelings and emotions

Create a bespoke way to nurture yourself with rest, nourishment, movement and connection

Each session offers space for you to be held and supported as you move out of your head and into your heart. Allowing you to connect to yourself at a deeper level, creating a sense of calm and the ability to release unhelpful thoughts/emotions to see things a different way, giving a sense of increased energy and lightness.

A blend and weaving together of the different modalities I work with - meditation, guidance using tools and techniques to connect you to your inner wisdom/exploring current concerns and using movement to shift emotions through the body.

At the end of the session you will have a personal movement ritual that you can do as often as you like, though a min of twice a week is advised (15 mins.)

Only available as a package of 4. Each session is a spacious 2 hours long, almost like a mini retreat and takes place via zoom. (In person sessions can be arranged on request)

For maximum impact sessions will be 3-4 weeks apart..

£260 for a package of 4 sessions online (payment plan available)

£340 for a package of 4 sessions in person (payment plan available)

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Autumn 2024 - Date TBC

9.30am to 4pm

Make space to nurture the most important element in your business – YOU!

Retreat back into a safe, supportive and restorative environment hosted by Suzy Sanders (Start Up Strategist, Business Coach & Mentor) and Lisa Shefchick (specialist Wellbeing & Self-Nurture Coach).

When you carry the heavy weight of SO MUCH responsibility day in day out and you’re feeling the strain of all that busyness in your business – you’re invited to join our gentle rebellion…

Why not give yourself permission to slow down and BE. Just for a little while…

Because when DOING is the default, BEING becomes the antidote!

Venue = TBC, Northampton

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