My appointments with Lisa were a healing experience on so many levels. A truly holistic approach. I always came away feeling better immediately, but then the effects continued and changes took place. I am in a much better place now. I can’t recommend her enough.

If you are considering homeopathy I would wholeheartedly recommend Lisa, she is honest, kind, warm and supportive and really listens to you.  Just talking to her eases the stress of a health problem.  Homeopathy works and gives you the power to take control of your family’s health.

Over the years Lisa has helped our family with a wide variety of problems. My daughters grief and anxiety after a family bereavement, my sons lack of concentration and frustration resulting in uncontrollable tantrums, our fertility problems, persistent coughs, stomach problems, ear problems the list is endless.

As a Mum I feel great comfort that I can help my children when modern medicine can’t or as an alternative to modern medicine which often has side effects.  Homeopathy treats the individual person and helps to improve the health from a very early age to prevent more serious health problems later in life.  I myself suffered from Glandular Fever for 5 years due to persistent courses of antibiotics in my childhood.

I have been a devotee of homoeopathy for over forty years.  I was so pleased to be introduced to Lisa and have developed trust and respect for her holistic practise.  I always enjoy our consultations, and have been greatly helped, both physically and mentally, for acute and chronic conditions, with Lisa’s intelligent and intuitive prescribing of remedies.

Lisa has massively helped my daughters’ hay fever over the last two years and as a result they do not rely on antihistamine at all now, amazing!