Thank you so much for teaching me, the course was wonderful and I will be recommending Hypnobirthing to every pregnant women I ever come across!

Lisa made the course material clear and engaging and helped to take away my fears and anxieties surrounding childbirth. I found the programme really enlightening and empowering, and really enjoyed the relaxations every day.

I’m so glad I learned hypnobirthing, I think the most prominent thing for me was that it gave me full confidence in my body, and what it was naturally designed for, but also in knowing my rights when it came to birth. I never once felt worried or stressed about any situation that may arise.

I highly recommend Lisa as a teacher – she covered the material in a meaningful and engaging way and was very supportive and welcoming. The classes were relaxing and enjoyable. Thank you!

My pregnancy and Bonnie’s birthday would have been a lot different if we didn’t do hypnobirthing, I cannot recommend Lisa enough to anyone who is expecting a new bundle of joy. I would do it all over again tomorrow, the most amazing and empowering moment in my life!

It wasn’t just the Wise Hippo course content but its delivery by Lisa that brought everything together. Cant recommend Lisa enough to other families.

Lisa’s classes helped to make my pregnancy enjoyable and exciting rather than a source of anxiety, and I approached childbirth as a natural, important and beautiful part of a woman’s life and indeed a rite of passage. I really cannot recommend Lisa’s hypnobirthing classes highly enough.

A friend recommended Lisa to us and I can’t recommend her highly enough. She is an incredibly supportive, enthusiastic and knowledgeable individual.

Lisa went above and beyond her hypnobirthing role to support us, sharing her homoeopathic knowledge and giving her time freely to answer questions and support us long after the course had finished.

Lisa was calm, full of confidence and a lady with a lot of knowledge and experience. I cannot recommend Lisa enough to anyone who is expecting a new bundle of joy.