Thank you as always for such a deep and wonderful experience. You are really skilled at what you do. (Melissa)

The session felt like coming up for air – a chance to not only catch my breath but a chance to really connect with myself in a unique and beautiful way. I was surprised, motivated and inspired by I discovered about myself. Such a beautiful offering where I felt carefully guided and supported to access the deeper wisdom of my mind, body and heart for all the answers I needed. (Melissa)

I have given myself permission to put myself first a bit more in my own life. As a mother of young children its easy to feel you’ve lost your identity, so its been nice having the time and space to just think about me and connecting to myself as a woman, and thinking about what I might like to achieve or what might make me happy. (Jackie)

I am so grateful for the deeper connection I feel to myself. Food has often been a big part of ‘stuffing’ unwanted thoughts and emotions down and I feel like I’m able to tap into the movements instead of using food. Moving my body is something which I’ve learnt is a key part of my self-nurture. (Rachael)

I am much stronger now and feel more empowered. Navigating this whole other dimension of myself is something I could never have done without your incredible tools and wisdom. (Dawn)

Beautiful venue, amazing food, wonderful people.

I’ve learnt that self-nurture isn’t selfish it is a necessity to be able to live the life you choose.

Everything was amazing and has blown me away!

I have enjoyed everything and have gained so much more than I ever could have imagined. Meeting the nicest, warmest group of supportive women.

I’ve enjoyed meeting new people, learning about good food, standing back and learning about myself and how to implement change.

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