Not that I want to wish the summer away, but I can’t wait for September to arrive as I get to take part in and spend the most amazing weekend at…

The Awakening Festival of Wellbeing, Self Care & Connection

24 & 25 September 2022

Northwood House, Cowes, Isle of Wight

The Awakening is the ultimate breathing space away from your everyday routines & responsibilities. It’s the chance to pause, reflect & connect back to the fullest essence of you.

I am thrilled to be sharing a session called ‘CALM is a superpower’ as part of the Super Soulful Sunday at The Awakening.

Here is a little something about my story over the last 10 years and how I came to be creating and sharing with other women in this way…

10 years ago I become a Mother. In the early years of my experience I very quickly found myself with zero breathing space, full of responsibility and worries about things I didn’t even know existed before, juggling my family’s needs with work, resulting in no time for me.

I loved being a Mum, but I didn’t love what my life had become. I was exhausted, disconnected from my true self, stuck in doing mode and pretty lost and miserable at times.

Something had to change.

As I hit burnout for the second time you could say I had my own AWAKENING.

For many years the women who I had taught hypnobirthing to had been saying to me “you need to create something for Mother’s to help us after we’ve had our babies.”

So this is where I started to put myself back together from the inside out.  I looked at the tools and resources that I taught for tapping into an inner calm and strength for birth and started to adapt and apply these to me and my needs.  Helping me to create little pockets of desperately needed space to reconnect to who I was now.  Slowly I began to build myself back up physically and mentally.

All the things I ‘thought’ I was meant to be and do as a Mother had caused me to neglect myself.  I learnt the hard way what a lack of self-care and self-love does to a person. Motherhood needs to include nurturing yourself too.

Now it wasn’t all bad.  Motherhood allowed me to experience my body at her full power as I birthed my child. To feel a love that would burst my heart and still does to this day. A fierceness when my man cub was threatened in some way and so much more.  All these parts of me that I didn’t know existed before and didn’t really know what to do with.  Who was I now?  How could I integrate these new parts of me? And how would I find the space and time to do that?

I had to come back to myself.

It was time to reconnect to who I was.  The Woman who was a Mother.  To be the Woman that I am first.  To move through my life from this place.

For me this means loving and nurturing myself first, not seeing this as a luxury or selfish, not feeling guilty for it. In order to get to a place where this felt a natural thing for me to do I had to clear a lot of stuff I had been carrying out of the way (and this is still work in progress.)  To start to make these changes I had to connect to my CALM.  The space inside me that is always there, waiting for me to listen to this wisdom that lies within us all.

Connection to SELF and the power that lies within us is everything.  In order to reach this place of connection with yourself you have to enter the CALM zone and this is why I truly believe that CALM is your superpower.  Because it is from this place that you get to access so much more of your true self, you get to make the choices that feel true for you.

Whether I am working with women preparing to birth a baby or supporting them to navigating modern life, all that I share is about accessing this place of CALM and connection within you and planting seeds of self-nurture to tend to and grow.  Rewiring all the thoughts that say you can’t or there isn’t time and helping women to remember who they are, what they need and to keep coming home to this place.

Space and time for to care for and nurture ourselves is not a nice to have.  It is ESSENTIAL. It is like the oxygen we breathe.

There is so much wonderful well-being goodness going on over The Awakening weekend.  This is the perfect opportunity to take some time out, meet some amazing people, fill up yourself with all that you need and go home with a fresh perspective on how to look after yourself and everyone else.

Enjoy over 50 different wellbeing workshops on the Saturday, including inspiring talks, yoga and movement, meditation and mindfulness, conscious living conversations, holistic therapies and so much more to help you fill up your wellbeing cup and reinvigorate mind, body and soul.


Join the glitterati with the Glitter Party and get on down with Yoga Rave, Peri-Peri Menopausal Musical Comedy Performance, Well-Me-Oke (Mass Wellbeing Karaoke Experience) & the Ultimate Feel-Good Dance Battle Soulful Silent Disco

Sunday is all about embracing the slower pace of life with Super Soulful Sunday Sessions with deeply nourishing yoga, breath and sound healing sessions to enjoy a deep sense of connection from the weekend.


The Awakening is a soulful weekend of wellbeing that has all the feels of retreat blended with a lot of love & festival vibes. Join for the Saturday, or for the full weekend—the choice is yours.


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