To push or not to push?

Very often when we have a lot on our plates there can be a tendency to go into the mindset of ‘pushing through’ this can be ok in the short term when you have enough energy reserves and there are of course emergency situations in life where a bit of ‘pushing through’ is required.

As a Mum, there is always a lot going on and you are recovering from the huge changes that go on with your body and emotions during pregnancy, birth and post-partum. To be continually ‘pushing through’ these circumstances will leave you depleted on all levels, it is no fun.

So consider ways that you can ‘push back’ and by that, I mean to have clear boundaries of what you can deal with right now. Drop the non-essential stuff, don’t take on other people’s stuff.

Allow yourself to be ‘pushed along’ sometimes, aka supported. I see small ones being pushed along in their prams and buggies and imagine how nice that must feel.

And definitely don’t allow yourself to be ‘pushed around’

Change of any situation has to start with yourself so make sure the pushing is in the direction that serves you most.