Do you hear your body and what it needs?

Motherhood has really pushed my body to the limit in many ways.  At first I didn’t listen to the signs from my body.  This resulted in burnout when my son was 2.

So I made some changes, though overtime I stopped, thinking my work was ‘done.’

My body knew differently and had to show me again more severely this time, so that I would really listen.

4 years after the first burnout I crashed again, big time.  It took me 8 months to recover and it was the biggest wake up call.  I still have tinnitus in my ear and I feel like this is a permanent reminder for me to listen to my body.

My wonderful and wise body, that is always telling me the truth, it connects me to what I feel rather than what my head ‘thinks’ 

My head is great, though it makes things up.

Something good came out of this though.  It set me on the path of nurturing myself at a deep level. Nurturing through rest, nourishment, movement and connection.

It is a privilege to be able to share this with the women who are mothers that come into my world or those women who I have taught hypnobirthing too.

Mothers need nurturing too.

If you are a Woman who is a Mother and in need of reconnecting to yourself then check out my group and one to one self-nurture sessions

The next group in person session Sunday May 22nd.


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