Why you need to be calm and relaxed during childbirth


So why is it so important to keep as calm and relaxed as possible during labour and birth?

It isn’t all about ‘plinky plonky’ music and candles. There is some real theory at play here.

When you are stressed/frightened/feeling out of control you create tension in your body and mind.

Your uterus is a big muscle and if you are tense all of the muscles in the body will be tighter, including the uterus. This makes it harder for the uterus to contract as effectively and comfortably as possible.

Stress releases a hormone called adrenaline as part of the flight/flight response. This tells your body that you need saving from something and blocks the crucial hormones that make birth comfortable and effective.

So in effect if you are panicking in labour you are sending the message to your body that your life is in danger. This isn’t a good time to give birth and the process slows down and becomes more difficult.

What can you do prevent your body and mind going into fight/flight?

  • Learn how to become an expert in relaxation
  • Clear any fears or worries that you might have around birthing your baby
  • Understand labour and birth and the options available to you
  • Be prepared with a full set of techniques that will allow you to adapt to any situation you find yourself in


This and much more is what I share with couples on my hypnobirthing courses.

Keeping in the calm zone as much as possible and knowing how to get back there if you drift over into the stress zone.

If you are interested in finding out more then please contact me for more information


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